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Prior to the early 1970’s, residents of Centerton got their household water by either hauling it home in barrels and jugs, digging a well, sharing a well with a close neighbor, or they laid privately owned service lines and pumped water to their home from the spring that is located at the corner of "A" and "Spring Street", directly behind the current Bemco, Inc.  Home builders Dale Thompson and Sherman Kinyon, both who eventually became Mayors for the City of Centerton, also chose to lay water lines from the spring to home construction sites rather than dig a well onto each newly developed parcel; and it was these handful of pioneers that were the accidental creators of the Centerton Water Department.  

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Today the Centerton Waterworks and Sewer Commission manages the Centerton Water and Sewer Department (CWSD).  The Commission is composed of three(3) commissioners. The Centerton City Council appoints Commissioners for a ten(10) year term.

The day-to-day operational management of the CWSD is provided by the Public Utilities Director, hired by the Centerton Water and Sewer Commission.  



CWSD serves water to over 6,500 customers that are located within the city and a large area lying to the north and west of the city. Centerton is a member of the Benton-Washington Regional Public Water Authority which is the source of the treated drinking water delivered to consumers by the CWSD. The CWSD has both elevated and ground level water storage tanks. The CWSD utilizes electronic meter reading. CWSD has mutual support connections with neighboring water systems in case of emergencies.


CWSD provides sewer service to over 4,500 sewer customers in the City. Sewer treatment services are purchased from the City of Bentonville. Centerton has entered into an agreement with the City of Decatur for the treatment of its sewer. CWSD completed installing sewer lines to deliver its wastewater to Decatur in the fall of 2015.

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